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by Joseph Robinson - Wednesday, 29 March 2023, 10:56 AM
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Hp is a well-known name when it comes to gadgets. Its printers are one of the most popular products among users because of their versatility and reliability. It has a quick setup guide, and it prints at a fast speed with highly durable, scratch-resistant inks. However, sometimes users can face issues with Hp printers as well. Due to this, we present you with the troubleshooting guide for the “Hp Printer Not Printing Black But Has Ink” error.

Hp Printer Not Printing Color

You may not be able to print the color on the Hp printer due to some settings issues. Here are some of the setting problems that your system may have that can cause trouble with the color cartridge.

  • Make sure that the page you are going to print out should not be set to greyscale as it will print only in black and white.

  • Set the settings to default while printing color.

  • There are chances that the color cartridge is empty or dried due to which it may not print color.

  • If the ink cartridge is not clean, then it may face problems in running its feature. You may have to try cleaning and filling it to fix this issue.

  • Sometimes the cartridge is faulty, that’s why it may not function its tasks properly, you may have to replace it with a new one.

  1. Method 1: Uninstall and reinstall the Hp printer assistant software from the device list and reinstall it from the Hp website. If reinstalling fixes your issue, then no need to go further with the troubleshooting guide.

  2. Method 2: If the quality of the ink cartridge is not up to the mark, then there are chances that it may end up being unreliable, so use only genuine Hp ink. Visit Hp's anti-counterfeit site to find an authentic ink cartridge range and purchase them from the online Hp store.

  3. Method 3: Check the factors like paper quality, paper type, and paper size from print settings and set them according to your print job.

  4. Method 4: If the ink is low in the color cartridge, then also Hp printers may not print colors. You can find the ink levels of the Hp printer from the Ink icon on the control panel.

  5. Method 5: If the ink level is low/empty, then change ink cartridges by following the below steps.

  • Switch on your printer and load the printer with white paper.

  • Access the ink cartridge bar by gripping each side of the handle and slowly raising it.

  • Take the next step when the carriage goes idle, which has now relocated to the center of the printer.

  • Now remove the ink cartridge from the slot and make sure that your finger touches only the black plastic on the ink cartridge. You have to lift the lid and push it back and then pull the ink cartridge to remove it successfully.

  • Cautiously remove the plastic tape from the ink cartridge without contacting the copper-colored contacts, ink nozzles, or protective tape on the contacts.

  • Now, you need to slide the ink cartridge into the slot by holding it through its surfaces by keeping nozzle outlets near the printer.

  • After inserting the ink cartridge, close the ink cartridge lid to secure it into place.

  • You can replace the ink cartridge by following these steps as well to solve this issue.

Method 6: You can print the Quality Diagnostic Report to evaluate the results by Visiting these options from the control panel, Setup> Tools> Print Quality Report. If the color block shows a white line, then clean the ink cartridge. Otherwise, you need to check the alignment lines.

If neither of the steps works for “Hp Printer Not Printing Color But Has Ink”, you can contact Hp Customer Support from our website and ask for the printer service.